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Sint Paper Doll - Dress Your Sint [ENGLISH]

Sint Paper Doll - Dress Your Sint [ENGLISH]



The Sint has just arrived and is a little jetlagged. You can buy your cards here with PayPal. We will have an IDEAL bank-payment in a few days.



Just in case, you can also place your order by writing the Sint’s helpers

Please state the language (English or Nederlands) and how many you want.

noah@dezwijger.nl or umayya@dezwijger.nl


Buy from a shop

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, you can buy this special gift at:

‘Kiosk’ book and gift shop of the Persgroep, on Jacob Bontiusplaats 9, 1018LL Amsterdam

Athenaeum bookshop, Spui 14-16 1012XA, Amsterdam.

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