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Vluchtroute Special: New Voices for Europe

Newcomers are not represented in democracy. How can they be involved in decision-making processes in their new European communities?

Today, more than a million refugees live in Europe, but their voices are still not represented. They don’t have the right to vote or stand up in an election. Leaving them trapped in a chain of challenges where they don’t have the means to tackle them. We need to go beyond the idea that democracy is just casting a ballot. That’s why newcomers took an initiative for a G-100, based on the G-1000 ‘Burgertop’, to speak up. The most important issues by the G-100 are presented by the New Voices for Europe Council. How do they deal with education, housing and work in the European communities they now live in? And how can they transform their voices into practical recommendations to influence integration policies of cities, states, and the EU – now and in the future?

New voices for Europe Council

The New Voices for Europe council is a table with politicians, experts, and refugee representatives. The refugee representatives will present certain policy recommendations regarding integration policy and then each member of the council will have the time to react to this statement. How can we solve this? How can we implement such a solution/policy?

About G-100

G-100 is a refugee-led initiative by Diaspora Networks Alliance (DNA) and a series of conferences in Europe. It takes inspiration from the ‘G-1000 initiative’, also known as the Burgertop. The structure of G-100 is a workshop where around 100 newcomers, former refugees who share the same experience, and European experts, politicians meet to discuss and deliberate about different challenges that they are facing. These meetings take place in different European cities where these challenges exist. In collaboration with Syrian Volunteers in the Netherlands (SYVNL), G-100 is starting in Amsterdam, and then it makes its way to Brussels and Berlin.

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