Let's rethink everything




  • Rethink events mainly take place at Pakhuis de Zwijger, located on the Piet Heinkade in Amsterdam. Through events – lectures, film screenings, workshops, debate and dialogue - Rethink critically discusses and questions thematic topics. These events form the starting point for processes that reform the city of Amsterdam in innovative and multidisciplinary ways, thereby always centralising intersectionality and diversity.

  • Rethink collaborates with data, statistics, communities, educational institutions, schools, universities, cultural venues, researchers and other individuals.

  • Rethink develops and connects different networks through workgroups, brainstorm sessions, collaborations and the creating of platforms.


  • Rethink cooperates with museums, art schools, cultural institutions, artists, musicians and other makers with different creative backgrounds.

  • Rethink utilises art in all its forms and: music, theatre, literature, visual art and hybrid art forms. These vary from classical to modern, alternative or contemporary forms.

  • Rethink creates products, both online and offline, which have been designed to attract new target groups and consumers – for whom concepts of democracy and diversity may feel abstract and inaccessible.


  • Rethink initiates projects, platforms, networks, advisory committees and working groups in collaboration with policymakers, educators, thinkers, designers and artists.

  • Rethink creates tangible cultural products which offer new perspectives in an accessible manner.

  • Rethink facilitates the above by offering physical space and financial support, publishing materials, connecting people, places and organisations, and documenting everything that is achieved.